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Welcome to, a personal fitness portal of Katerina Axmannova. Were are here to help you meet your New York City fintness needs!

About Katerina the Personal Trainer


Katerina is a female personal trainer and certified aerobics instructor serving clients in New York City and New Jersey surrounding areas. Katerina focuses primarily on women’s health and fitness programs. Through customized fitness workout plans, home personal training, aerobics and Pilate’s core strength training, her clients have seen tremendous weight management and weight loss results. Katerina provides personal training at client’s gyms, as well as in their homes and offices. Katerina makes frequent visits to clients living in NYC and New Jersey who utilize their apartment community gym, basketball or racquetball course, and even their outdoor community recreation space.

Apart from offering home-based female personal training sessions in NYC and New Jersey surrounding areas, I provide valuable information and customized individual plans in the areas of health, nutrition, fitness, and weight management/weight loss. NYC Personal Trainer now offers a comprehensive directory of gyms and fitness centers. Browse the gym directory or visit blog section for health and fitness tips.

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